It Is A Store is an everyday fashion brand for creative people, like you. And it’s powered by The Awkward Store so you know you’ll be getting great products and service from a source you can trust. And as the owner, operator, and artist, you’re getting genuine products that I love too. 


Note from the artist:
I am a creative professional, an author/illustrator and game developer with a background in merchandise and apparel design. I wanted to bring some of my passion for Sci-Fi to a brand that I would personally wear. Something that feels cool without relying on pop culture references or fashion trends. Just good quality things for those of us geeks who get excited about good art, independent music and brands, and who keep grinding away at life. I'm a dad, I'm a hard worker, and I love to make art. Thanks for sharing it with me.
-Nick Seluk
Artist, creator of the Awkward Yeti and Heart and Brain, The Sun is Kind of a Big Deal, OrganATTACK! and House Pets vs. Aliens.